WordPress Web Hosting Advice If You Are Going That Direction With Your Site

WordPress is powerful when it comes to the Internet. One statistic I saw recently was that WordPress hosts almost 30 percent of the sites out there on the web. It seems like it would be a good idea to start a website and have WordPress as your host, don’t you think? It is something that I have been considering lately, and you might have, too.

I originally chose a different hosting service for the websites I started recently. I thought differently afterward, and I now have two domains sitting stale. They are premium domains, so I do not want to take advantage of the free WordPress hosting. I would rather pay the nearly $10 a month for premium hosting, which also frees me up to use Word Ads. Do you use the advertising service available from WordPress?

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It gives you a chance to monetize your blog or your site. Now, as for that statistic mentioned earlier about nearly 30 percent of the sites being hosted by WordPress, it makes me wonder how many of them are paying customers. In other words, that number doesn’t mean as much if a large portion of those sites are free blogs.

WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress doesn’t even allow you to use Word Ads if you have a free blog. There are other choices, too, and depending on how you want to set up and monetize your site, some experts recommend going a different route. I went that different route at first, and I’ve got to tell you that I’m not impressed. I think if you dig that deeply, you need to be a web developer, at least for the time being. Maybe that will change, but I still say for the average person looking for 2018 web hosting, WordPress is best, even if you want to monetize your blog.